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Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 3


In General

Karma Yoga, the Yoga of Action

This chapter is of a particular aspect of Karma Marga, the way of selfless work. The path of work is not just a means for refinement of the mind or gaining merely the wisdom but a way that can lead one to Moksha, the liberation. This path is characterized by the mention of ‘naishkarmya’, the state of being unaffected by work though doing all work. Karma marga is not abstention from work or not expecting outcome; it is rather a more active participation, at the same time not worried of the outcome of fruit of action. Surrendering the outcome whether it is good or bad to the lord is the secret of success in Karma Marga.

A thing of concern in the path of spirituality is the thought of action that has the seed of all good and bad notions in itself; how to achieve control of self and tranquility of mind without slipping into negativity is the challenge of philosophy discussed in the chapter. Indulging in worldly activity but be undisturbed by the inevitable passing events is the solution Sri Krishna propose to Arjuna while in conflicting situations. To live is to act, to think also mean to act. As this process of active participation in Karma cannot be avoided we can only convert every action into Yajna, a sacrifice. Every person differs, the qualities and habits in men, also differ. So according to one’s taste, ability, position and responsibility we have to discharge our duty. The Real Knower of Things (Ultimate Reality) is beyond senses, even beyond mind and intelligence, surrendering the fruit of action to Him obliges Him.

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