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Meaning of "Prajapati vidya>"


Prajapati vidya


प्रजापति विद्या


prajāpati vidyā

In General

Upanishad uses the word vidya as a technique to do spiritual Sadana. It is meditation and also all other faculties like memorizing, wishing, understanding, aspiring, contemplating and physical activities like developing personality. The technique help the Sadhaka to finally evolve into a supra physical spiritual life


Prajapati vidya is told in Chandogya Upanishad (8.7 – 8.12) is an inquisitive minds search Atman. Indra, the Lord of Swarloka and Virochana, the Lord of Asuraloka went to Prajapati to seek knowledge of Atman. Virochana left after the first period of 32 years of celibate life thinking that taking care of body and worldly pleasure is everything. Only Indra had the real inquisitive mind to seek the Atman that is immortal or perhaps the ultimate answer to every existential question. He questioned the objective world, the subjective world, the spiritual experiences and continued his search for 101 years and realized that, that which is beyond all senses and causes is the Atman

The mantra 8.7.1

The Atman which is free from evil, free from old age, free from death, free from sorrow, free from hunger and thirst, whose desire is of the truth, whose resolve is of the truth, he should be sought, him one should desire to understand. He who has found out and who understands that Atman attains all the worlds and all the desires.

The mantra 8.12.1

O Indra, mortal indeed is the body, held by death. But it is the support of this deathless, bodyless Atman. Verily, the embodied self is held by pleasure and pain. Surely, there is no cessation of pleasure and pain for one who is embodied. But pleasure and pain do not indeed touch one who is bodiless.

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