सनातन धर्म भूमिका

Meaning of "OM Tat Sat>"


OM Tat Sat


ओम् तत् सत्


oṃ tat sat

In General

OM Tat Sat meaning ‘OM, It is the Reality’. This is a Mahavakya from Bhagavad Gita (17.23). It is also considered as a designation of Brahman and a solemn invocation of the divine. BG repeats this mantra at the end of every chapter.

OM or Pranava mantra signify the whole universe, the seven worlds namely: Bhuh , Buvah , Svar , Mahah , Sat , Chit , Ananda . Bhagavan is the Lord of all these 7 world. So, by this mantra one is meditating on the splendor of the divine

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