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The 15 anuvakas of TS (4.7) is called Rudra Chamaka. Rudra Chamaka is the second part of the SriRudram, the famous Rudra Chant from Yajur Veda. The chanting is meant to empower all round perfection.


The first 11 anuvakas is termed vasordhara or cha me hymn, which shower the riches of various vital and mental powers. the 12th and 13th anuvaka dealing with birth of plenitude, the birth of all kind of energies in plenty. The program concludes with prayers of thanksgiving to various deities in the anuvakas 14 and 15.

The first eleven anuvakas giving a list of qualities of powers, each of which ends with the word cha me. the phrase Yajnena kalpitam occurring in the ninth and tenth anuvakas is understood to be applicable to all; cha me yajnena kalpitam means, “and may that quality or power manifest in me or become perfect in me”. clearly yajna here is not a mere outer ritual. By performing the inner yajna, we gather or develop in us the power associated with cosmic gods like Indra, Agni . By giving we mean self offering, the symbolic offering of all we have to the divine. Thus by giving and receiving process all the psychological powers get perfected in us.

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