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A synonym of Vishnu . The word derived from the root, हृ (hṛ) meaning: ‘take away’. Hari takes away the cycle of death and birth and provide Moksha, hence the name.

Vishnu is the all pervading power of the Ultimate Truth. Vishnu has three strides , the earth, heaven and the supreme world (tridhatu) of which sat, cit and ananda are the foundation.


In RV the two shining horses of Indra are called Hari; It is has the powers of perception or of vision of knowledge. They are yoked by the speech to their movements, also by the Word that fashioned by the mind.


A son of Dharmadeva was also called Hari. Dharmadeva begot four sons, Hari, Krishna, Nara and Narayana

A daughter of Kasyapaprajapati by his wife Krodhavasa was also called Hari. Lions, tiger and monkeys originated from her

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