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Rishi Chyavan was the son of Marshi Brigu and Puloma.


There is a story in purana about his marriage with Sukanaya, grand daughter of Vaivaswata Manu and daughter of King Sharyati. Once while Chyavana was in Tapas, he was covered with anthill and only his bright eyes were visible. Sukanya, daughter of King Saryata pocked the Sage's eye with a stick in child play and the Sage became blind. Sage came to the court of King Saryata and complained. Sukanya accepted her folly and expressed readiness to marry the blind Sage in spite of Sage Chyavana looking old and weak.

Princess Sukanya married to old and blind Sage Chavana left her palace and moved to the Sages hermitage. One day the Aswini Kumars (sons of Lord Soorya) came by the hermitage. They were attracted to the beauty of Sukanya. Subsequently the Aswins, showing compassion for her union with so old and ugly a husband as Chyavana, tried to induce her to take one of them in his place as her husband. But Sukanya was such a woman who was very loyal and devoted and chaste.

When their persuasions failed, they told her they were the physicians of the Gods, and would restore her husband Sage Chyavana to youth and beauty by taking a bath along with them, when she could make her choice between him and one of them. The idea of Aswins was that all the three will look identical after bath and she may get confused and one of them could get her.

Accordingly the three bathed in a pond and came forth of like celestial beauty. Each one asked her to be his bride. But Sukanya recognised and chose her own husband by the power of her chastity. Sage Chyavana expresses gratitude to Aswins for their treatment. Chyavan had a son from sukanya by name, Sumati.

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