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Haridasa cult


हरिदास सम्प्रदाय


haridasa sampradāya

In General

Haridasa is a Vaishnava bhakti cult movement that spread during medieval period. Narahari and Sripadaraja are considered to be the forerunners of the Haridasa movement by penning songs and hymns, mostly containing the teachings of Madhva in simplified terms and set to music, in the vernacular Kannada language. Purandaradasa and Kanakadasa further promoted the cult and became most prominent Haridasas

Bhakti cult spread during the period when most part of Bharat was under Muslim rule. . Religious practices were restricted and the yajna found no takers during this period. Many temples were destroyed and others found difficult to survive because of patrons. The Muslim rulers of that age were against large religious function and the scholars were afraid to come out in open to express their views and practice their religion. The only religious activities that helped Hindu religion survive in those days were Bhakti cult. The proponents of bhakti cult were mendicants who spoke the language of common man and sang in praise of lord that any illiterate villagers can repeat.

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The bhakti cult were not actually opposed to Vedic culture, they only criticized hollow ritualism and not Vedic knowledge. Bhakti and even idolatry worship is not alien to Veda, even though Veda Samita gave more importance to understanding the supreme by the faculty of intellect and a developed mental state.

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