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Aranyakam form the second part of vedic lore after Samhita and Brahmana. They are also in the form of a collected work which interprets the four Veda Samhita in esoteric sense. The Aranyakas are particularly important for it together with Upanishad form the Jnanakanda of Veda. Upanishads are not separate texts. Most of the Upanishads are from the last few chapters of Aranyakas.

The word Aranyaka means forest. A sadaka goes to forest, in his Vanaprasta stage of life as a recluse to engage him in meditation. The sacrifice in Aranyaka is practiced to make mind fit for Vanaprastha. A Sadaka is to qualify for this stage of vanaprastha, to become inwardly pure and mellow, that Vedic practices like sacrifices are to be followed. Aranyaka expound the concept inherent in the mantras of the Samhitas and the rites detailed in the Brahmanas. In other words, they explain the hidden meaning of the Vedas, their metaphorical passages. They also through light on the esoteric message of our scriptures. For Aranyaka the awareness of inner meaning and significance of Vedas is more important than the performance of sacrifices. The aranyaka incorporate the metaphorical passages representing the metaphysical inquiries conducted by the inmates of forest hermitages.

Rigveda has got two Aranyakas: Aitareya Aranyaka and Kaushitaki Aranyaka which belong to their respective branch.

Krishna Yajurveda has got three Aranyakas, namely: Taittiriya Aranyaka, Maitrayaniya Aranyaka, and Katha Aranyaka

Brihad Aranyaka belong to Shukla Yajurveda and it begin with explanation of horse sacrifice

Talavakara Aranyaka (Jaiminiya Upanishad Brahmana) belongs to the Talavakara (Jaiminiya Shakha) of the Samaveda

The Atharvaveda has no surviving Aranyaka, though the Gopatha Brahmana is regarded as its Aranyaka.


Aranyakas form one of the four part of vedic literature.

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