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Meaning of "Renuka , wife of Jamadagni>"


Renuka , wife of Jamadagni





In General

Renuka was the foster daughter of the King Prasenajit. She was married to Sage Jamadagni and was contended with the simple life in forest dwelling with the Sage. She had five sons in the betrothal, namely Vasu, Rumanvan, Susena, Visvavasu and Parasurama .


Jamadagni is a Vedic rishi


The chastity power of Renuka was strong that she can fetch water in the instantly made earthen pot. Once on while making the pot the Aswini Devatas passed through the sky and she lost her mental concentration for a minute. That particular day her earthen pot failed to fetch water. On suspecting her fidelity, Jamadagni ordered his sons one after other to behead her. None obeyed, but Parasurama did the cruel act. Pleased by the obedience, Jamadagni asked him to choose any boon. Parasurama requested his father to bring back life of his mother. Renuka came back to life and it so happened and they lived happily thereafter.

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