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Woodcutter, story of inviting Yama


There was a hardworking woodcutter once lived in an unknown country. Every day he had to eke out his living by going to the distant forest, in the heat and rain, to bring sticks and sell them for a few coins. He was fed up with life. One day he thought, “If Yama Dharmaraja comes and takes me, it is good.” So he cried out, “Oh Yama, please come and take me!” throwing down the bundle. “I am fed up with this wretched life.”

Immediately Yama appeared and asked, “Why did you call me?”

The man was frightened. “Nothing, nothing. No, nothing.” He said. “Really nothing, I just wanted someone to pick up this bundle for me.”

TWhen the Yama came forward to pick up the bundle, the man became more frightened and begged for pardon

All of us love life, however hard it is. The worries and tension are an engagement to keep the life going. When uncertainty prevails over our head, work rather than rest is an enjoyment.

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