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Boon and curse


Upamanyu - Son of a poor lady


Upamanyu was son of a poor lady who has been living at the mercy of her brother. Upamanyu never got enough food or equal status as that of his uncle’s son and that inferiority complex constantly prickled his mind. One day, Upamanyu cried for the milk, which was not available to his unfortunate mother. To please the child she boiled some flour in water and served Upamanu as if it is milk. The boy discovered the trick and cried again more loudly.

The mother cursed the poverty and told the boy that the bad effect of past birth might be following them as poverty in the present life. So he may pray to Mahadeva, the Lord of the universe to have mercy. To have faith in the boy she further said, “My son! There is a great River of plenty flowing from Swarga to Paatala, but it is not accessible to the unfortunate who is devoid of Shiva Bhakti”.

With empty stomach and full determination Upamanu went for a toughest Tapasya to propitiate Lord Siva. His penance continued for many seasons and many years. At last Mahadeva appeared before the young sage Upamanu in the form of Indra, the King of Devas. The boy was confused to see Indra instead of Siva; So when asked for boon, he just requested to have vision of Siva.

Siva pleased with Upamanu, appeared in the form of Ardhanariswara to the wish of Upamanyu. Subsequently Siva granted Upamanu whatever boons he wanted and accepted him in the Boothgana.

Upamanyu is a famous Rishi. He composed some verses for Vedas.

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