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Philosophy retold
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The fundamental steps for Tatwa Gyaana


Once there lived a great king named Indradyumna. He was virtuous and ruled the world well. He was deeply devoted to Lord Vishnu and as a result of which he was reborn as a virtuous brahmana in his next life. As a brahmana, Indradyumna observed religious rites and meditated. He prayed to Vishnu and the goddess Lakshmi. Lakshmi appeared before the Brahmin; he eulogized the Goddess. Indradyumna requested, “Please tell me about yourself. Please give me insight to know what constitutes true wisdom.”

“Even the gods and the sages are unable to comprehend my true nature,” replied Ma Lakshmi. “I am Vishnu’s illusions and there is no difference between him and me. As for the true wisdom, it is beyond my powers to grant you that. You may have to pray to the great Vishnu himself for the purpose.” By telling this Ma Lakshmi disappeared.

The Brahmana Indradyumna meditated on Vishnu for very many years and decades and finally Bhagavan obliged him with his darshan. While Indradyuma was in a state of bliss, Bhagavan passed on the fundamentals and nuances of Tatwa Gyaana(true wisdom) on him. As the door of knowledge is opened before Brahmin-Indradumna the Basic Principles of Tatwa Gyaana became clear to him. It starts from the Introduction of Ashrama Dharma, Bhakti Saadhana, Saguna Swarupa Bhavana and gradually leading to Nirgunatwa, Virat Swarupa, then finally to Brahma Gyaana.

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