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Dreams Omens and Signs


A fairly detailed analysis of dreams, Omens and Signs are provided in Agni Purana. There are many dreams that are good. For example, dreams that involve mountains, palaces, snakes, riding on horse or bull are good ones. Dreams are good when they involve white flowers, trees, possession of arms, having many heads, wearing garlands or clothes, eating rice pudding, drinking wine, eating meat, milking cow or buffalo, blessings from Devas, coronation, one’s own death or cutting off head, one’s own house burning, playing musical instruments, climbing trees, clear skies, wet clothes and so on. If one dream of eclipses of the sun, the moon or the stars, by all means are rejoice in the waiting. And if a dreamer see that he had caught hold of the enemy’s flag, which surely means a triumph over the enemy.

Bad dreams are: a shaven head of one’s own, wearing shabby clothes, drinking oil, house collapse, angry Gods, Brahmanas or Guru, falling from above, killing snakes, man or animals, playing with monkeys, weddings, singing and so on.

Prayers and Yajna to Vishnu, Shiva, Ganesha or Surya would be a remedies to avoid the effect of bad dreams. While good dreams should enable the dreamer to make them true if the person discontinues sleeping and engage in some good works. Dreams dreamt in the first quarter of one’s sleep normally come true over the next one year. Dreams from the second quarter come true over the next six months and dreams from the third quarter over the next three months. Dreams from the last quarter come true over the next fortnight and dreams dreamt right at dawn come true within the next ten days.

Good omens while leaving ones house are, facing white flowers, full vessels, meat, distant sounds, goat, cow, horse, elephant, fire, gold, silver, sword, umbrella, fruits, butter or curd, conch shell, sugarcane, sound of thunder, lightning, dead body without anybody crying, donkey’s braying; buffalo crossing from left to right; horse, cats, donkeys crossing from right to left; crows near door or with mud, or a dog with meat in mouth and so on.

Bad omens are facing cotton, dry grass, cow dung, coal, leather, hair, a lunatic, destitute, widow, broken vessel, ashes, bones, sound of musical instruments, break down of vehicle, fall of umbrella on head, recall back before journey.

A peacock crying on the left is a sign that something is going to be stolen. If a donkey brays with a broken voice, that is a good omen and something good will happen. If a boar or a buffalo crosses over from the left to right, then it is a good omen. But if they cross over from the right to the left, that is a bad omen. One’s desire will be attained if horses, tigers, lions, cats or donkeys cross over from the right to the left. Jackals, moles, lizards, pigs and cuckoos are good omens on the left and monkeys are good omens on the right. If a jackal calls once, twice, thrice or four times, that is a good omen. It is a bad omen if a jackal calls five or six times. It is a very good omen if a jackal calls seven times.

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