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The story of King Kuru and Kurukshetra


Kuru was son of Samvaran and Tapti, an Apasarus. Kuru mastered all knowledge and was good in four Vedas at his tender age. He married to Saudamini, the daughter of Sudama and lived a virtuous life. Later on, he was appointed as King by his father Samvaran. Kuru ruled his subjects in a just manner and decided to do something else further for his subject such that he will be remembered by future generation.

With the good intention of doing something noble he went to the sacred place called Samantpanchak and decided to cultivate the eight virtues - Tapa, Satya, Kshama, Daya, Shauch, Daan, Yoga and Brahmacharya on its barren land. He started ploughing a piece of land with a golden plough, which was pulled by Lord Shankar's bull and Yamaraj's buffalo named. While he was busy ploughing the field, Indra approached him and asked suspiciously as to what he was trying to cultivate. When Kuru revealed his intentions, Indra made fun of him and went back.

But Kuru was not worried by Indras action and continued to cultivate the land. In a very short time, he had cultivated the land measuring seven kosas. One day, Lord Vishnu arrived and asked him what he was doing. When Kuru revealed his intentions of cultivating eight virtues, Lord Vishnu wondered as to from where he would get the seeds to grow these things. Kuru told him that all these eight virtues were present in his own body and it would not be a difficult task to cultivate these things.

Lord Vishnu wanted to test his commitment and sincerity of Kuru and said- "Give the seeds to me. I would sow the seeds while you plough the field." Kuru outstretched his right hand but Lord Vishnu cut it into thousands of pieces with his chakra. All the pieces were distributed among the deities. But Kuru was unfazed and again stretched his left hand towards Lord Vishnu. But his left hand too met with the same fate. In this way, the most generous and benevolent King Kuru offered all his organs to Lord Vishnu one after another to the Lord. All the organs were severed by Lord Vishnu.

At last, Kuru offered his head as he had nothing else to offer. Lord Vishnu was pleased by Kuru’s generosity and asked him to demand anything. Kuru replied- "All the area cultivated by me should become famous as a sacred pilgrimage. All the devotees who visit or die at this sacred pilgrimage must attain salvation. This place should be known by my name."

This is how the sacred place of pilgrimage- Kurukshetra came into existence. The Great Mahabharatha War, Bali’s Yagna and many other events took place at this place.

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