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Sati’s request for a permanent dwelling


While describing the Vaman Puran, the Senior Sage Pulastya told Narada that, once, Sati requested Lord Shankar to make arrangements for a permanent abode for the family. At that time, Lord Shankar had his abode at the open space of Mandaar Mountain. Summer season was approaching and Sati quite rightly had apprehensions of living in the open ground. Lord Shankar told her that as a recluse, he never felt the need of a permanent dwelling. Though Sati was not satisfied by his answers yet she kept quiet. This way, both of them continued to live there.

The summer season had passed and now it was the turn of rainy season to arrive. Sati made the same request to Lord Shankar. This time, Lord Shankar told her that it was impossible for him to construct a house, as he had no wealth which she knows very well. Lord siva had only a tiger skin as his clothing, the king cobra- his sacred thread, Padma and Pingal (snakes)- his ear-rings and Keval and Dhananjay as his armlets. As a recluse he don’t have any material possession.

After hearing the replay from lord Diva, Sati became even more worried as to how the family would pass the rainy season without a home. Lord Shankar however solved the problem by inviting Sati to live above the cloud and thus avoid the rain.

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