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Word Sanskrit IAST In General Veda Purana
AvabodhaअवबोधavabodhaAvabodha is the waking state of perception in which one can have discrimination power by use of... Read More
Avadhuta अवधूत avadhūtaAvadhuta are God realized mystic personalities. Suka Maharshi was considered as an Avadhuta. He... Read More
Avadhutha Gitaअवधूत गीतavadhūta gītaAvadhutha Gita is a mystic poetry in sanskrit by Adi Sankara. It is an Advaita primer for... Read More
Avanti , placeअवन्तीavantīThe historical city of Ujjain was same as the Avanti of olden times. Avanti was actually was not a... Read More
Avanti , soldierअवन्तीavantīAvanti is a brave soldiers on the Kaurava side, he suffered defeat at the hands of Yudhamanyu. Read More
Avarana Saktiआवरण शक्तिāvaraṇa śaktiAvarana Sakti is the power that makes one thing appear as another. Read More
Avasthaअवस्थाavasthāState of experience or consciousness Read More
Avasthatrayaअवस्थात्रयavasthātrayaAvasta treya is the three states of the self. According to Vedanta philosophy, the three states... Read More

An avatar is an Incarnation of God. When adharma and wicked people spread too much on...

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Avatsaraआवत्सरāvatsaraSon of sage Kashyapa and a Rig_Veda mantra Seer. Two sons of Avatsara, namely, Nidhruva and Rebha,... Read More