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Archana is the physical and mental level worship of divinity as an honored guest. The archana is the simplest form of worship which follows a combination of Agama and Vedic practices. Deva is visualized in an idol in human or partially human form and offering is made to Him. The physical form of idol and offerings are all in symbolic nature and none of the mantra says the physical form of idol worshipped as real god.

There are 16 external services done to deities known as upacharas. The upacharas are: invitation, seating, offering water for feet, offering water to sip and rinse the mouth, providing a bath, presentation of dry and fresh garments, serving food, serving music, etc. Royal honors like chariot, umbrella, music , dance, flower pavilion, swing , etc, were offered to the deities during the festival.

The external services were preceded or combined with internal purification procedures. Physical and mental suddhi(purification) before doing archana is very strict. Pranayama and dhyana are done to confirm divinity in the self. Then pranaprathistha, the infusion of life into deity. At the final stage of the archana the devotee do the sohambhavana (identify the self as the deity).

Mantra is the communication with the deities. Some mudras (assumption of appropriate and effective gestures) are also done along with mantras. Most of the mantras are from Veda or are of Vedic nature; however there is no hard and fast rule for any strict adherence to any particular mantra.

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