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Cow , a sacred animal


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Cow is a sacred animal to Hindus from time immemorial. It is a good omen and symbol of wealth. Cow and Bull was always an integral part of the agricultural activities carried out by Indians in every age. There is nothing to replace this sustainable model of agriculture. Even an old cow which donot milk is also economical as cow dug is useful to the farmer as fertilizer and fuel. So the Vedic Indians gave special status to cow and there developed many custom to respect cow.

To Indians and Hindus in particular cow is more than an animal and in most religious ceremonies cow is an essential part. Cow is a great sentiment and people call her as mother. History gives enough evidences that every invader into the country, including the British hurt the feeling of Hindus and brought down their morale by killing and eating cow.

The respect given to the cows and bulls is also indicating the respect that followers of Vedic culture given toward the whole animalkingdom. All the flora and funa have their place and purpose in the world. Living in harmony with animals and nature is an essential part of the Vedic way of life


Vedic hymens take cow as a symbol for ray of knowledge.

In the Atharva-Veda, it is said: The cow is the mother of Rudras; she is a daughter of the Vasus; she is the sister of Surya. She is a storehouse of ghee that is like the celestial nectar.


The cow is a universal mother in purana. the most sacred cow in purana is Kamadhenu. Maharishi Vashistha once risked his own life for the Kamadhenu. Maharishi Chyavan preferred a cow to a kingdom. Earth appeared before devas to complain about wicked in the form of a cow.

The Agni Purana says that the cow is a pure, auspicious animal. In the Markandeya Purana it is explained that the welfare of the world depends upon the wellbeing of cow. The Mahabharata relates that a cow given in charity is most virtuous and returns plenitude to the donor in the next birth.

Through her virtues the cow protects the donor from the darkness of hell just as air protects and guides a boat from sinking and helps it steer through the vast ocean of life. Just as a mantra acts like a medicine to destroy disease, in the same way a cow given in charity to a good person protects one from all sins.

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