सनातन धर्म भूमिका

Meaning of "danda namaskar>"


danda namaskar


दण्ड नमस्कार


danda namaskāra

In General

When entering a temple, coming before the Deity, or when seeing a great saint or devotee, it is customery to bow and touch their heads to the floor. This is called offering obeisances. Humility is an important quality in spiritual life, and bowing down in such a way is an outward expression of the desire to go beyond the ego. Lowering the head to the floor represents the surrender of self-importance and pride. For men it is advised to stretch the whole body out on the floor. In Sanskrit this is called dandavat, falling like a danda or rod. This is considered the most humble way of showing respect for another. Ladies are not advised to do dandanamaskar but can kneel on and touch the head on the floor.

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