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Prarthana or Prayer is an expression of love for God, usually a poetry in the form of remembrance of the Supreme Being, Almighty, and Absolute Self, explicitly or implicitly. It is a momentary or prolonged withdrawal from the self-centered world, in the shelter and protection of God, submitting and submerging the self (ego) to Him completely.

There is no hard and fast rule for prayer. Prayer can take place involuntarily or by design. It can be invoked silently or vocally, by reciting self-made words or prescribed text, in solitude or in communion with others, including accompaniment of music. The unconditional prayer is the ideal case in which devotee feel himself lost in the thought of his beloved. The poetry of savents of Bhakti_marga in the Medieval period, like Kabira , Surdas , Mirabai , Haridas , etc., were written in self submission to lord, where the devotee is satisfied by the enjoyment they got from the love of god.

Recitation of Vedic mantras, scriptural verses or popular songs as a prayer is quite common. Such recitation is helpful in creating a devotional atmosphere, and beneficial for those who want to increase their meditation level. Bhajans and Kirtanas use the positive quality of sound in disciplining the mind, especially in a group.

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