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In General

Samadhi is the blissful state of existence in the spiritual journey; it is the highest stage of consciousness and not an unconscious state. According to the Astanga_yoga of Patanjali Samadhi is the final stage where a sadaka reach the thousand-petal lotus of the Sahasrara Chakra.

Literal meaning of the word ‘Samadhi’ is union (union with the Brahman - Moksha )

It is common to consider the death anniversary of great gurus as samadi day, but Samadhi is not a state a spiritual aspirant achieve when he die.

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Bhava Samadhiभाव समाधिbhāva samādhiThe Super conscious state attained by bhaktas or devotees through intense divine emotion in... Read More

Same meaning as Samadhi or Moksha

Literal meaning of the word...

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Nirbija Samadhiनिर्बीज समाधिnirbīja samādhi

Nirvikalpa samadhi that wherein the seeds of Samskaras or Karmas are destroyed...

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Nirvichara Samadhiनिर्विचार समाधिnirvicāra samadhi

A stage in samadhi wherein the mind (chitta) no longer identified with a subtle object or...

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Nirvikalpa Samadhiनिर्विकल्प समाधिnirvikalpa samādhi

Samadhi in which there is no objective experience or experience of “qualities”...

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Nirvitarka Samadhiनिर्विकार समाधिnirvikāra samādhi

Union with an object in which remembrance of their names and qualities is not present....

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