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Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 4


In General

Gnana Yoga, the Yoga of Wisdom

The Atma Vidya, or the knowledge of self is called the most secret and precious of all knowledge. Sri Krishna, a great teacher who doesn’t want to assert himself says, the right sense of this knowledge has been lost and forgotten in many period of time, again recovered and revived by the great personalities. Whenever Dharma is trampled upon and torn by Adharma the Lord cometh in human form, out of His grace, taking compassion upon suffering humanity and restore Dharma.

In this chapter we see Sri Krishna make reference of Yaga which is meant to appease God and the Yoga-Pranayama which control breathe thus prana. While accepting these methods in the fold of spiritual activity Sri Krishna is giving better definition to Yaga and Yoga and also makes us remember that Gnana Yoga is superior to all other forms of sacrifice. Gnana should be accumulated from Guru and the best quality a student should have is ‘Sraddha’, which means trust and steady devotion to the studies.

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