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Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 5


In General

Karma Sanyasa Yoga, the yoga of Renunciation of Action

In the last two chapters, in one Sri Krishna gave prominence to Karma Marge, the right performance of action and in the other disowned Karma for the sake of Gnana, the path of Knowledge by Samkhya and Yoga. So, Arjuna gets confused and raises the question accordingly. Sri Krishna clarify us that by controlling emotion in us we can achieve the state where one can feel oneself as universal and not a person confined to the body. This state of being is Karmasanyasa, it is Karma Marga as well Sanyasa, the rejection of all activity.

The Prabhu, the lord of the world is the real one who dwells in the body. He is not an agency to act, and further not discriminate things. He is Vibhu, exist everywhere and ever perfect. Those, whose intellect and mind remain rooted in the Supreme and are untouched by good and evil acts will attain ‘Brahmanirvana’, the highest state of God realization.

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