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Meaning of "NilaRudra Upanishad>"


NilaRudra Upanishad


नीलरुद्र उपनिषद्


nīlarudra upaniṣad

In General

Nila Rudra Upanishad is from The Pippalada recession of Atherva Veda Samhita (14.3). Some of the Rudra Namaka mantras ( T.S. ) is repeated here and the whole U. have close resemblance with the Rudraprasna Mantras.

Sri Aurobindo had translated and commented on the first 9 Mantras of this U. In the beginning of the commentary A. states that the mantras in this U. as well as the Rudraprasna mantras are revealed to a Rajarshi, a philosopher prince.

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