सनातन धर्म भूमिका

Meaning of "Kanda"







In General

Section; part; volume

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To many traditionalists, Jnana kanda belongs to portion of the Veda which relates to knowledge...

Veda do not discriminate Karma Marga and Jnana Marga as different. Purana only reinforced the concept of Karmamarga and considered Jnanamarga as a sanyasin sect. But...Read More

According to traditionalists, the Brahmanas and Samhitas together form the Karmakanda and...

Veda do not discriminate Karma Marga and Jnana Marga as different. Veda promote internal...

Purana only reinforced the discriminatory concept of Karmakanda concept and considered...

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Nilakandaनीलकण्ठnīlakaṇṭhaThe blue necked. Lord Siva localized the poison emitted during the Samudramadana at this... Lord Siva is called as Neelagriva in Rudranamakam for he protect humanity and all other... Once Devas and Asuras decided to churn the Palazhi , the milky Ocean for being Amara, free...Read More
Skandaस्कन्द skandaAnother name of lord Subrahmanya, the son of Siva and Parvati. Skanda is also called as Kartikeya... Skanda Purana is a Saiva Purana describe the purpose and life of Lord SkandaRead More

See: Subramanya

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Skanda Puranaस्कन्द पुराणskanda purāṇa

Skanda Purana is the largest of 18 Maha Puranas and is only second to Mahabharatha in number of...

Contents of Skanda Purana

Description of Lord Shiva’s glory. Glory of Linga and...

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Skandagraha An evil spiriti mentioned in Mahabharata (vanaprastha 230.43). it is also called as Mrtrkagraha or... Read More
Skanda_Upanishadस्कान्दोपनिषद्skanda upaniṣhadSkanda Upanishad is a minor Upanishad assigned to Krishna_Yajur_Veda. The Upanishad predominates... Read More