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Arati; An act of worship with lighted lamp accompanied by Mantra chanting or group prayer is called Aarati. The literal meaning of the word Aarti is, 'towards virtue or love'. As the fire dissolves everything, the aarati before God or Guru symbolize surrender of ego. The material used for fire is either camphor or cow-ghee with cotton wick. This is a common feature in temples. The deepak (arati flame) is moved around the deity to symbolize the divine aura and also to help the devotees to have a clear look of the deity. This is usually done with four circles to the feet, two to the waist, four to the head, and seven to the whole body. In the end, as the lamp is passed around, the devotees put their palms on the Aarati flame to receive the Aarati aura, symbolizing the acceptance of divine light that can open one’s consciousness.

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