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Shwataketu was the son of great sage Udalak. He had a famous brother named Nachiketa and a sister Sujata who was the mother of famous sage Astavakra. Shwataketu was famous for his dialogue with his father Uddalak after completing studies from a far away School. This dialogue is recorded as Chandogya Upanishad by himself. The dialogue between Shwetaketu and King Jaivali is also famous. When Shwetaketu could not answer any one question by Jaivali he reported this to father Uddalak. Uddalak got curious and later Jaivali taught him again.

Shwetaketu was married to Rishi Devala’s daughter Suvarchala. Shwetaketu was credited with setting rules for women. He promoted the idea of only one man for one woman.


An Upanishad Rishi

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