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Meaning of "Bhastrika pranayama>"


Bhastrika pranayama


भस्त्रिका प्राणायाम


bhastrikā prāṇāyāma

In General

Bastrika is meant for force full chest inhalation and exhalation in a sequence of a number small quantities of air. It is a yogic practice.

Bastrika means bellows. Chest act as a bellows of a black smith during this yogic practice.

Practice lessons: For Bhastrika one has to sit in vajrasana. Then relax the whole body, feel comfortable and smile.

Inhale and exhale by expanding and compressing the chest vigorously like bellows of a black smith. The speed of breathing can reach up to 120 stroke per minute when learned fully. In the beginning it could be slower. But concentrate on full inhalations and exhalations.

Stop after ten strokes. The breath stop automatically. Let it remain suspended as long as possible. Do not exert. Enjoy the cessation of breath and thereby let the breath stop longer and longer.

Repeat 4 rounds and increase it as per your convenience.


Hatha Yoga Pradeepika, Gheranda Samhita, Siva Samhita

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