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Meaning of "Brahmari pranayama>"


Brahmari pranayama


भ्रमरी प्राणायाम


bhramarī prāṇāyāma

In General

Bhramari Pranayama is the Humming Bee Breath pranayama. It is also termed as the king of the pranayama. This practice is beneficial to develop the brain activities. By Bhramari Pranayama, the sound of humming Bee is produced during exhalation and that stimulate each cells in brain.

Practice lesson: Sit in a comfortable meditative pose. Padmasana or vajrasana are the ideal. Keep the spine erect. Breathe normally and relax the whole body.

Keep the mouth closed and the teeth apart.

Plug both the ears with the thumb and close the eyes with middle finger and ring finger. Take a slow deep breath and fill the lungs fully.

Then exhale slowly, making a continuous humming sound from the throat. The sound should reverberate in the head.

Feel the sound vibration in the head. Be aware of only the continuous drone that the sound produces. This drone is similar to the humming sound of the bee.

This is one round.

Start with 4 rounds and increase it as per your convenience.

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