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Caste is a unique social institution in India. Hindus do not separate masses in the line of races or economic class but by caste. The great literatures divide society by four varnas, namely Brahmin, Ksatriya, Vysya and Sudra. Each of this varnas is further divided into a number of castes. Sometimes varnas is also called as castes. Normally a person in a caste does not marry from outside his caste and this makes the closed group of castes.

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During the Vedic period the four Varnas were recognized, but hierarchy was not established. The R.V. says the knowledge in it should be spread to all human kind without any reservation. The R.V. verse,Purushasuktam says the Brahmana was created from the face of the Purusha, Ksatriyas (Rajanyam) from the hands, Vaisya from the body and Sudra from the legs.

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