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Prana Vidya





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Upanishad uses the word vidya as a method to do spiritual Sadana. The technique help the Sadhaka to finally evolve into a supra physical spiritual life. The hints about Prana Vidya are given in many U. including the Chandogya and Kaushitaki.


Prana Vidya is about developing the consciousness of the Universe as Creative Energy (Prana). Life-energy has to be meditated upon in three aspects: one’s own body(adhyatmika), the universe (adhibhautika) and the celestials(adhidaivika).

In the first stage, one must develop awareness for the Life-energy as it flows through the body, energizes the senses, invigorates the mind and upholds the past in the form of memory. In the second stage, one must become conscious of the Life-energy which pervades and sustains plants, animals, life on earth and extend the movement further to encompass the orbits of the planets, the sun and other celestial bodies. One must see that it is the same energy which upholds the higher and lower holds – the whole Creation. Lastly, one must realize that which stands behind this Life-energy – and that is the Divine in the form of Conscious Force (Chit-Shakti).

The prana mentioned here is mukhya prana for it is meant for Individual soul evolving into supreme soul. Prana is like akasa which exist everywhere and it is later identify as Brahman. Prana Vidya is not to be confused as Pranayama which is working much lower level. Prana Vidya is the living breath of the Purusha, the Puissance of the creative consciousness. The power of the Sole Indivisible Spirit is the basis of the Prana Vidya. Its aim is the realization and evolution of individual life to the life Universal. The process is a natural growth to a wider range life of supreme spirit in such a way one can exclaim with Satyakama:

“ if one were to tell this to a dried-up stump

Sure, branches would shoot forth and leaves spring from it”. ( C.U. 5.2.3)

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Lights on U. by T.V. Kapali Sastry, Pub: SAKSI, Bangalore

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