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The last book of the Mahabharata(Ch#18, Svargarohana Parva) has got a group of three chapter called as Harivamsha. There is a strong argument that these chapters are later addition to the great epic. The three chapters mentioned thus are Harivamsha Parva, Vishnu Parva and Bhavishya Parva. The authorship of this text with its 16,374 verses is traditionally ascribed to Veda Vyasa. Harivamsha is a Itihasa even if it is taken as a separate text; the five qualities of Purana is found in this text, so it is also called as a Purana.


The Harivamsa Parva is describing the primary and secondary creation of universe, Solar dynasty, Vrishni Vamsom and birth of Sri Krishna. Vishnu Parva is more about Krishna and focus is about the period he spends with Vrishni people. Bhavishya Parva describes characteristics of Kaliyuga, various avataras of Vishnu, creation of universe from lotus. This last chapter also has separate lengthy hymns to Shiva and Vishnu.

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