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The Expiation of Balaram


Shri Krishna's brother Balarama wished to be impartial during the battle of Mahabharat. So, to keep away from war, he set for a pilgrimage with his wife. Once while travelling, Balaram drank some intoxicating drink and entered a beautiful garden known as Raivat. Rishis were assembled there and in the middle a young sage Suta was giving lecture. Everybody got up from their seat on seeing Balaram. The young Suta involved in the lecture forget to get up from his seat or respect Balarama. This caused a sudden anger in Balarama and he shunned down the sage from his seat. Sage died in the spot.

Balarama felt sorry of his hasty decision on killing the learned Sage. Balarama cursed himself for his unmindful act and resolved to observe a twelve-year long fast in order to expiate for his sin. Thereafter, Balarama migrated to a place of pilgrimage known as Pratiloma Saraswati to carry out his expiation

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