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Where do Lord Narayana really exist


In ancient times, there lived a noble and learned king named Ashvashira. Once,sage Kapila arrived at his palace accompanied by sage Jaigishavya. King Ashvashira received both his distinguished guests with due honor. After the formalities were over, he asked both his guests about the means by which lord Narayana could be pleased and also about the rituals pertaining to the worship of lord Narayana.

'What do you mean by pleasing Narayana? Can't you see two Narayanas standing in front of you?' But, Ashvashira was not convinced by the sages answer, so he replied, 'I don't deny that both of you are great Rishis. But,I don't believe your claim to be Narayana. Lord Narayana is the almighty God and the supreme deity. He holds a conch, a chakra and a mace in his hands. He wears pitambar and has Garuda on which he mounts. His glory is indescribable and incomparable.'

As Asvashira had raised valid arguments, the sages transformed their appearance similar to Lord Narayana with the help of their divine powers. The confused King Ashvashira fell on the legs of Sages and requested to reveal the truth. The sages decided not to test the limit of Ashvashira's patience and so, they transformed their respective guises into their original appearances and said ‘Narayana is the God of Universe but can manifest himself in countless forms. The whole universe is HIS creation and HE is present in every single creature. It is impossible for a mortal being to bear the radiance of almighty Narayan and it is only when HE appears in his more gentle form that, even the enlightened person is able to see him. Therefore, you should engage yourself in the service of mankind, considering each human being to be the medium through which lord Narayan manifests himself.’

Ashvashira was virtuous King He was impressed by Kapila's reply and understood the message given to him. After many years ruling the kingdom as a good king, Ashvashira went to Naimisharanya and spent rest of his life as an ascetic in the service of lord Narayana. Once, while he was performing yaga, suddenly Lord Vishnu manifested himself in the form said in scripture with couch, mace, chakra, lotus and Ashvashira merged with it.

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