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Secondary Creation


Copulative Creations and birth of four Varna


Brahma created one thousand couples from his mouth in the beginning of creation. These couples were radiant and possessed virtuous qualities (Satvik). Once again, Brahma created one thousand couples from his chest but this time they possessed the quality of Rajas. This phenomenon was repeated for the second time and once again one thousand couples manifested themselves from his chest. These couples were both Rajas as well as Tamasik by nature. At last Brahma created one thousand more couples from both his legs. These couples were completely Tamasik by nature. The couples started copulating and this process has been continuing ever since. The Satvik became Brahmin, Rajasic the Kshatriya. Those with dual quality of Rajasic and Tamasik became Vysya and remaining who are Tamasic in nature became Shudra

Brahma now became worried as to how to accommodate such a large number of people. Initially, these people used to roam about everywhere, as there were no permanent residences to accommodate them. At the arrival of Treta Yuga, they developed attachment and started living in houses. Subsequently they made various types of abodes- Pura, village, Dronimukha, Shakhanagar, Kharvatak, Drami, Gram and Sanghosh etc.'

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