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Some texts spell him as Brishakapi Aindra. Vrshakapi Aindra is the Rishi of R.V. (10.86) along with India and Indrani. Some consider him as a son of Indra and Indrani and few others consider him only as a friend of Indra but an Avatar of vishnu. V:

Vrshakapi is the Rishi of Rig Veda mantra 10:86:3/7/13/23. The Sukta is checking the cause of family discord.

To K. the name Vrshakapi represent the power of vital mind and the sukta is all about cosmic evolution of human mind.

Few brother Rishis of Vrshakapi from Indras parentage are Sarvahari, Vimad, Jai, Apratiratha,Baru, and Basukra.


According to Mahabharata (Santy Parvah) Vrshakapi is an avatar of Vishnu, with the boar Varaha. Vrshakapi is an epithet of Vishnu in Vishnu_Sahasranama.

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