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Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 1


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Arjuna Vishada Yoga, the Yoga of the depression of Arjuna

Bhagavad Gita opens with the description of the Kurukshetra Battlefield as told to Dritharastra by his assistant Sanjaya, who was able to see the event happening on the battle field by the grace of Sage Vyasa. This chapter is more of a dramatic introduction that leads to an advice as Krishnarjuna Samvada, the dialogue between Krishna and Arjuna. What we see in this chapter is the moral dilemma and worries of Arjuna about killing his own people in the impending war.

The Man on the threshold of his spiritual life feels disappointed with all the glamour of the world and yet illusion clings to him since he cherishes them. The fight like those in War takes place every moment in the soul of man as what is his right path. The Gita helps us to find a solution to the riddles in life and right course of action to overcome such situations, while keeping the spiritual life active and alive.

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