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मनु स्मृति


manu smṛti

In General

Manusmriti is a widely quoted text on Dharmasastra. Among Smriti Manusmriti is most important and it has got the status of basic Law text of Hindu community. The authorship goes to Manu, the progenitor of Mankind. It has 2694 slokas arranged in12 chapters. This is a widely misunderstood text for some controversial slokas. The contradictory statement in various slokas in text itself shows interpolation by people with vested interest during medieval period which is the source of discrimination that lead to controversy. Manusmriti gives detailed account on duties pertaining to every phase of a householder as well as administration of justice. Several Sanskrit bhasyas available for this text. The well known among them are by Medhatithi(AD900), Govindaraja(AD1100) and Kulluka(AD1000).

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