सनातन धर्म भूमिका

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In General

Symantaka was a precious diamond jewel


Satrajith, the richest man in Dwaraka was in possession of Symantaka jewel even after Srikrishna become the king of Dwaraka. Prasena, brother of Satrajit, once, went for hunting wearing on him the gem called Syamantaka. Jambavan saw a lion carrying off the gem after killing Prasena. He killed the lion, recovered the gem from it and gave it to his children to play with. Meanwhile, a rumor was spread that it was Krishna who had killed and stolen the gem. Krishna searched for the gem in the forest and found it out in the cave of Jambavan. In the duel that ensued between Jambavan and Krishna the former was defeated. Jambavan recognized Krishna to be the Lord Rama incarnated again, presented Syamantaka and also his daughter Jambavati to Krishna. Sri Krishna returned Syamantaka to Satrajit and he, in return, gave his daughter Satyabhama in marriage to Krishna. Though Syamantaka was given to Krishna by way of dowry he did not accept it.

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