सनातन धर्म भूमिका

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Son of King Santanu and his wife Sathyavati. Brother of Chitrangada and father of Dritharashtra and Pandu

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Vicitravirya and Citrangada are two sons of King Santanu in his second wife Sathyavati. Bhisma was the son of Santanu in his first wife Gangavati. Citrarigada became the king after the rein of Santanu. Although Citrangada's reign was a prosperous one, it could not last long. Once a Gandharva named Citrargada attacked him at Kuruksetra and after a battle which lasted for three years, the Gandharva Citrangada killed the King Citrangada. After that Vicitravirya was crowned King. It was at that time that the Svayamvara of the three daughters of the King of Kasi, Amba, Ambika and Ambalika, was held. Bhisma, the elder brother who took oath as being a Brahmacharin for whole life thought that it would be good if Vicitravirya married them. So Bhisma attended that function. The presence of Bhisma who was an old man, at the Svayariivara, frightened the girls. The other kings who were present, stopped him from entering the place. after defeating several kings like Salva, he seized the three daughters of the King of Kasi and took them with him in his chariot to Hastinapura. Preparations were made for the marriage of Vicitravirya with the three princesses. Then Amba expressed in open that she had already dedicated her heart to the king of Salva. Bhisma generously allowed her to return home. So, Amba went to her lover Salva with hope of marrying him, but Salva turn down the request as she was carried away by Bhisma. The unfortunate lady went back to Bhisma and requested him to save her by marriage. But Bhisma politely told her of his helplessness as he had taken vow not to marry. The humiliated princess burst out, cursed Bhisma and vowed to take avenge and then committed suicide.

Vicitravirya married Ambika and Ambalika. He ruled over the country for seven years at the end of which he died of consumption. The dynasty faced a crisis, as there was no one to succeed him. Satyavati approached Bhisma with a suggestion to beget children by Vicitravirya's wives. But Bhisma stood firmly on his solemn oath to continue as a life-long bachelor. After that Satyavati summoned Vyasa to Hastinpura and sons were born to Ambika, Ambalika and their maid by him. Ambika gave birth to Dhrtarastra, Ambalika gave birth to Pandu and the maid gave birth to Vidura. They grew up and Dhrtarastra married Gandharl and Pandu married Kunti and Madri.

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