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Meghanada was the reining prince of Lanka and eldest son of Ravana. When he was born he made a sound as loud as thunder and so he was called Meghanada. He was also called as Indrajit for the victory he earned over Indra. He was also called as Kanina, Ravani, Mayavi. During the Great War between Rama and Ravana he almost won the war by killing most of the Rama’s infantry. If not Hanuman with mritasanjeevini medicine brought back the killed warriors into life again the Lankan army might have won the war.


Meghanatha was a devotee of Siva like his father Ravana. He was an expert in the art of magic. The techniques like Mrgendrajala, Brahmendrajala, Surendrajala, Mahendrajala, Khagundrajala, Vayustambha, Jalastatnbha, Agnistambha, Akagasancara, Parakayapravesa, Rupabhedasvikara and Tirodhana were known to him. He used all these tricks in War.

When Ravana attacked Svarga he pushed forward too much and so was caught inside an army of the Devas which surrounded him. When Meghanada saw the difficult situation his father was in, he broke the army circle of the devas and caught Indra as a prisoner and brought him to Lanka. Indra was later released by the mediation of Brahma and the latter gave him the name Indrajit meaning "Conqueror of Indra".

By penence Meghanada acquired powers which had not been possible for Manavas, Danavas, Vanaras or Rakshasas to acquire. He got a Vimana (flying vehicle) which could travel in all directions: backwards and forwards, up or down. He was in possession of an armor against which no weapon would be of any use. Above all these, he had the power to remain invisible. He could be killed by only by a person of his age who had lived for fourteen years dutifully and virtuously without sleep. Lakshmana has this quality and he killed Meghnatha in War.

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